Puerto Rico Academy yields two 2014 MLB Draft Picks


“Lamar, we work very hard to provide opportunities to our players and in return they give us everything that they have”-Carlos Rivera-Director and Head Coach-Puerto Rico’s Pro Baseball HS & Academy in Puerto Rico.

Rivera, who is entering his 6th year of participation in the Chick-fil-a Texas vs The World International Championships, must be on to something as both his shortstop and catcher were selected in the 2014 Major League Baseball draft.

Kelvin Ramos, always quick with a smile, took his smooth fielding game to the Los Angeles Dodgers after being selected in 14th round.

Roy Morales, a 6’1″catcher with a super accurate arm was snapped up in the 12th round by the Miami Marlins.

Rivera, who’s Academy was started from scratch 5 years ago, and is sanctioned by the US. Department of Education, ensures that an equal amount of attention is paid to academics as well as baseball.

Rivera, an excellent teacher of baseball, can be proud of his accomplishments which in the end, allow his players opportunities n both college and pro’s that may not have existed otherwise.


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